2020 Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Benchmark Released

The 2020 AMR Benchmark evaluates 30 companies involved with AMR and includes companies that are developing necessary antibiotics and antifungals. The 2020 AMR Benchmark has concluded that there are signs of improvement, especially in regards to stewardship. Disclosure among generic medicine manufacturers has also improved.

Large R&D-based companies from the AMR Benchmark report (Source: Access to Medicine Foundation).

Additionally, companies are working to lower the risk of overselling antibiotics and antifungal medicines to healthcare practitioners. Almost half of the companies are working on strategies to sell their medicines responsibly. Environmental risk-management strategies for manufacturing go somewhat further than in 2018, with companies also publicly committing to a comprehensive list of defined discharge limits.

Pharmaceutical companies are also sharing data from surveillance programs, specifically PQMD member Pfizer is leading in this area by publicly sharing raw data. Other members on the R&D based company list are Johnson & Johnson, Merck and Co, Inc., and Sanofi.

Despite progress, the report indicates that the pace of change still does not match the enormity of the AMR challenge across the world.

To read the full report, visit accesstomedicinefoundation.org.