With IMA WorldHealth’s lead, Health Centers Bolster Communities in DR Congo

In the beginning of December, the IMA WorldHealth (IMA) Construction Team inaugurated the 16th new health center in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kasai Province as part of the Projet d’Accès aux Soins de Santé Primaire, or the Access to Primary Health Care Project (ASSP).

Another 36 health centers are still in progress across all five health zones where ASSP works. It is well documented that new health centers greatly increase the health of a community. In 2013 alone, $5.4 million in medicine was procured for distribution. The new center across the ASSP’s health zones provide crucial treatment for diseases and a safe place for new mothers to give birth.

(Innocent Blandi, site supervisor for Bofulafu Health Center in Equateur. Source: IMA)

(Innocent Blandi, site supervisor for Bofulafu Health Center in Equateur. Source: IMA)

Often what is less known are the community strengthening and capacity building that occurs when new health centers are constructed. Since February 2014, the construction team has trained over 1,080 individuals – from site supervisors to brick makers – in rural communities on durable construction techniques. Learn more about IMA’s methods and further details here.

After each site is completed, a number of previously unskilled individuals leave with knowledge and faculties that make them viable candidates for working future jobs in the region. They are also able to share the information about durable construction throughout their communities.