WHO and UNICEF Vaccine Report Shows Gaps

WHO and UNICEF Vaccine Report Shows Gaps

The World Health Organization has a goal to vaccinate 90% of the world’s children from diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough). The vaccine, known as DTP, is a series of three shots given over 3-4 months starting at 6 weeks of age. Since 2010, 86 percent of children worldwide have received all three doses.

While the 4 percent gap may seem small, it represents 64 of 190 countries not able to meet the 90% goal. Conflict, environment and distrust are affecting vaccine levels in countries not meeting the goal.

However, experts are seeing success in surprising areas using new approaches. Poor countries supported by humanitarian aid and government policy are now close to achieving the WHO goal, with countries where local health workers receive training to administer vaccines also on track for success. WHO and UNICEF officials are also encouraged by the response to newest vaccines for pneumococcal pneumonia and rotavirus.

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