Typhoon Kammuri Shuts Down Airport and Forces Widespread Evacuations in the Philippines

Typhoon Kammuri caused destruction in the Philippines on Tuesday, as Manila’s airport was shut down for 12 hours and half a million people were evacuated where many were forced to wait it out in evacuation centers. Nearly 500 flights were cancelled due to wind gusts of up to 150 miles per hour and pouring rain. The storm knocked down power lines and caused at least 3 deaths. One man was electrocuted, one struck by a tree and another by a sheet of metal.

Typhoon Kammuri forces widespread evacuations in the Philippines (source: NY Times).

The storm may cause flooding overnight in Manila, possibly impacting 10 million people as many people live on the coast in low-lying areas. Weather forecasters warn that the Philippines could still see storm surges of up to three feet and floods and landslides in the mountainous countryside. Schools and government offices were closed on Tuesday.

Forecasters expect that the storm will strengthen slightly on Tuesday and then start to weaken. This is the 20th storm to impact the Philippines this year.

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