Trump Administration Orders Review of International Aid Approved by Congress

In this Reuters file photo, displaced Afghans load aid near the site of a landslide in May 2014. (Source: Reuters)

On August 4th, the Trump administration temporarily froze and ordered a review of foreign aid already approved by Congress. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) sent a letter asking the State Department and U.S. Agency of International Development for a balance sheet to include accounting of money that has not been spent. No decisions have been made yet in terms of cuts.

Despite pushback from Congress, the administration would like to cut foreign aid and diplomacy by 23 percent. The programs under review include funding for international organizations; peacekeeping operations and activities; international narcotics control and law enforcement; development aid; assistance for Europe; Eurasia and Central Asia; economic support funding; foreign military financing programs; and global health programs.

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