Steering Committee for Kitting Initiative Meets in Annapolis

The Steering Committee for PQMD’s “Spotlight on Hygiene Kits Initiative” convened in Annapolis on October 25, 2019 (Source: PQMD).

The Steering Committee for PQMD’s “Spotlight on Hygiene Kits Initiative” met in Annapolis, Maryland on Friday, October 25th. During the meeting, the Steering Committee laid out an exciting project roadmap that includes reviewing current kit assembly and distribution practices. This unique project engages diverse stakeholders through a coalition that aims to include many PQMD member organizations and companies as well as key sector actors to highlight common areas where monitoring is needed to inform best practices. The ultimate goal of this project is to develop accepted evaluation tools for hygiene kit distribution.

The day-long meeting included six steering committee members, project staff and invited guests. This was the first face-to-face meeting and participants included project leads and advisors from Tuft’s University, USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance and PQMD.