Rwanda Benefits from World’s First Drone Delivery System

On October 13th, the world’s first ever drone delivery system was launched in Rwanda, thanks to a partnership between UPS,  Zipline  and Gavi (the Vaccine Alliance). This new delivery system has the potential to address one of the core global health issues, namely lack of supplies and inaccessibility to remote areas where care might be needed most.

Source: US Chamber Association

Source: US Chamber Association

The $1.1 million grant from UPOS Foundation will go a long way to ensure that vital medical supplies and blood will be available to those who need it most in 21 of the western facilities in Rwanda. Up to 150 deliveries can be made in one day to these facilities.

The plan is to expand the program to East Rwanda by early 2017, which will give all 11 million residents access to this lifesaving care. After that, the program will be pushed to other African countries, the Americas and American Indian reservations.