PQMD Members Respond to Flooding in Sri Lanka

Floods and mudslides hit Sri Lanka in late May, killing at least 200 people and displacing thousands. The floods were the worst in Sri Lanka in 14 years and more than 600,000 people remain homeless. Those displaced are at risk of contracting dengue fever and other diseases. Several PQMD members are responding, with many more continuing to monitor the situation and assess needs as they arise.

Source: CNN

UNICEF has pre-positioned supplies for WASH, child protection and education that are ready for distribution by partners to the most affected areas. UNICEF also has existing nutrition programs in place. Project C.U.R.E. also had a presence in Sri Lanka before the floods, working with Islamic Relief on a container project, and is determining how that partnership may assist in flood relief efforts. For their part, Direct Relief has been in contact with the Sri Lankan Red Cross (SLRC). The SLRC requested assistance and are most concerned about the threat of disease outbreaks in the next few weeks. The SLRC will ramp up operations as flood waters recede and Direct Relief will most likely send them and the Real Medical Foundation an emergency shipment of supplies. World Vision, whose staff has been directly affected but are safe and accounted for, will focus efforts on WASH and child protection during the immediate response.

Additionally, Johnson & Johnson, Americares, and Heart to Heart International are actively monitoring the situation, and are on standby with in country partners to determine needs and next steps. 

PQMD and all members will continue to assess the situation on the ground as flood waters recede, and determine how members and partners may best contribute to relief efforts.