PQMD Members Providing Aid to Hurricane Matthew Affected Countries

Source: Heart to Heart International

Source: Heart to Heart International

As the devastation from Hurricane Matthew continues to unfold and impact Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and parts of the United States, PQMD members are actively responding to emerging needs in all impacted countries.

With many efforts focused within the most deeply impacted regions of Haiti and surrounding islands, members are responding with cash donations through existing partnerships, product donations, and a multitude of deployed medical units in route to assess the situation on the ground.

WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) supplies have been identified as one of the most critical early components necessary for containing potential disease outbreaks, as Cholera remains of primary concern given the already-fragile state of existing health systems resulting from the 2010 earthquake. Antibiotics and general medicines are also considered high need.

To date, our members have provided over $500,000 in cash contributions, along with upwards of $54.4 million worth of gift-in-kind supplies and product donations.

PQMD members remain committed to providing assistance to those in all vulnerable areas, and creating comprehensive plans to help affected countries in the long-term.