PQMD Members Monitoring Earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador

On Saturday, April 16, Japan wJapan earthquake map PQMD Members Monitoring Earthquakesas struck by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake in the southwestern city of Kumamoto-shi. The earthquake, which struck at 1:25 am local time, comes just one day after a 6.2-magnitude earthquake rocked the area along with several strong aftershocks. Though casualty figures are not yet available, initial reports indicate additional collapsed structures in Kumamoto following the earthquake. Nine people were killed and more than 800 injured in the previous day’s earthquake. Some 44,000 people were also evacuated to shelters and community centers, while the Government of Japan deployed more than 3,000 first responders to Kyushu, the site of the 6.2-magnitude earthquake, for rescue and recovery efforts.Ecuador earthquake map PQMD Members Monitoring Earthquakes

On that same day, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Ecuador. At least 235 people have been confirmed dead and over 1,500 people injured, and is the most powerful quake to hit Ecuador in decades.

PQMD members are rapidly assessing both situations, and monitoring how their respective organizations and companies will respond with relief efforts.