PQMD Members Responding to Global Crisis Situations

Source: Heart to Heart International

PQMD members are in the process of mobilizing significant resources in response to the devastation left by Hurricane Maria. Given the unique and unprecedented situation unfolding on the island, members are working with both new and long-established partners in order to best aid those affected, while making sure to support, and not burden, the Puerto Rican infrastructure. The situation presents a unique situation within the PQMD membership, with a number of member companies having a significant in-country presence with a total of more than 10,000 employees in Puerto Rico.

To date, our members have contributed upwards of $3.5M in cash contributions, with further funds to come from donated product and employee matching programs. Members are working directly with NGO partners to best focus responses given the extraordinary challenges of the situation.

Our members are uniquely equipped and committed to the partnerships established through their involvement in PQMD, enabling them to respond as disasters occur both domestically and internationally. Members will continue to assess needs in the coming days, weeks, and months, and stand ready to contribute as the situation evolves in the wake of this devastating storm.

Members also continue to respond to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, as well as the two recent earthquakes in Mexico. Members are making provisions for the short and long-term healthcare needs of all those in the affected region to help minimize disruption to their medical care. Our collective membership has already committed upwards of $8M in cash contributions in support of response efforts, notwithstanding product donations and employee giving programs.