PQMD Member IMA World Health Focuses on Displaced in South Sudan


MAF Pilot Reinier Kwantes smiles as IMA’s Serunkuma Luigi Adwok handles paperwork related to the cargo. (MAF/LuAnne Cadd)

Since December 2013, the eastern side of South Sudan has been subjected to seemingly endless violence, causing a large migration to the western side of the country. Fearing for their safety, the residents of South Sudan have found some measure of security in the outreach efforts of PQMD member IMA World Health.

In a time when they can rely on very little, IMA Worth Health has ramped up efforts in the region to supply reliable health facilities in the form of multiple mobile clinics. These clinics, that serve both the migrant population and the villages to which they flock, has proven vital in taking the burden off of area health services whose resources have far surpassed capacity.


The airstrip in Kodok is one of many stops for the medicine and medical supplies on their way to IMA clinics in South Sudan. Many locations are difficult to reach, especially during the rainy season. Four donkey carts pick up the cargo, which includes malaria rapid tests and anti-malaria injectables, external and topical drugs, IVs, and syringes. (MAF/LuAnne Cadd)

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