Members Respond to Devastating Landslides in Colombia

Major landslides struck Colombia on April 1. The landslides occurred in the city of Mocoa in the province of Putumayo. 254 people were killed, including 62 children. Rainfall the night before was almost half of what Mocoa typically receives in the entire month of March. Over two hundred people were injured, and hundreds of survivors are without homes. Power, gas and telephone service are interrupted, and clean water supplies are scarce.

Heavy rains sent mud and debris crashing into houses overnight in the province of Putumayo AFP/Getty

In response to the disaster, PQMD members Baxter, World Vision and Direct Relief are sending materials, medical supplies and personnel to the affected area. Baxter is considering a donation from their foundation and donated products locally; Direct Relief shipped emergency medical aid supplies and is preparing an additional 18-ton airlift of medical aid; and World Vision is focusing on children displaced from families in the disaster, and is sending a team of personnel to assess the situation and direct the response.

We will update this page as we learn more about respective member responses. To learn how you can help contribute to the organizations listed above, please visit our members page.