Medical Teams International Steps Up Efforts to Help Syrian War Victims

Medical Teams International has stepped up efforts to help Syrians affected by the 6-year-old civil war by formalizing a partnership with the International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation to regularly ship medical supplies and medicine directly into Syria. In May, Medical Teams sent a third shipment of automated external defibrillators, microscopes, nebulizers, walkers, wheelchairs and consumable medical supplies to eight hospitals in the Aleppo region of Syria.

“More than half of the hospitals in Aleppo, Syria have been bombed or partially destroyed,” Martha Newsome, CEO and President for Medical Teams International said. “The inhumane and devastating war in Syria is truly unfathomable. Health care professionals and hospitals should be protected, not targeted. These supplies will fill a desperate need for resources in the hospitals left standing as they work to care for the victims of this heinous war.”

Medical Teams International has staff on the ground in Turkey who will coordinate the delivery of the supplies into northern Syrian in collaboration with the International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation. The organization plans to send more medical supplies to hospitals in Syria on a regular basis and is in the process of finalizing the logistics that will enable them to also send critically needed medicines. Medical Teams is seeking donations of long-dated antibiotics, medicines for pain and chronic diseases, and sutures.

Serving the health needs of Syrians displaced and impacted by the war has been a priority for Medical Teams for more than four years. Medical Teams International has been working with Syrian refugees in Lebanon to provide direct medical care and to build a network of local Syrian community health workers since 2013.The organization also deployed teams to Greece and worked alongside local partners there to serve refugees fleeing across the Aegean Sea.

A Leader in Humanitarian Response

Medical Teams International has 39 years of experience responding to sudden onset and protracted emergencies. Today, its humanitarian response work remains a core competency and area of expertise. Medical Teams’ Humanitarian Response program is designed to provide a swift, coordinated disaster recovery plan in a crisis situation. Collaborating with local government agencies, the organization evaluates disasters with its standby pool of trained and experienced humanitarian response staff and volunteers to send aid within 48 hours.


Because of this commitment to excellence, Medical Teams has a pending application to the World Health Organization for the registration and verification process so they are officially recognized as a provider of Emergency Medical Teams. This classification will ensure that Medical Teams International is abiding by WHO worldwide standards and can respond to more disasters in the future.