International Health Partners: Looking Back at 2016 and Forward to 2017

Last year was a year of growth and refocus at International Health Partners (IHP), Europe’s largest coordinator of donated medicines. “I’m proud of how we have been able to reach the most under-served communities around the world with access to medicine,” says IHP’s CEO, Alex Harris.  “As we reach across the healthcare industry supply chain in Europe to access quality medicine, we are more aware than ever of the opportunity to do more by collaborating,” he continues.

Source: IHP UK

IHP has supplied urgent medical aid to Haiti following Hurricane Matthew in October but the majority of IHP’s efforts have been focused on supporting its partners working in the Middle East, where the intractable crisis of the past five years shows no signs of improving.

In 2016 IHP delivered over 700,000 treatments to the Middle East. “We are particularly grateful for the continued interest from the pharmaceutical industry that we work with to give generously in an area of the world where there seems no end in sight to the unrest,” says Harris.

The goal of IHP’s Middle East Appeal is to supply 300,000 treatments this winter and spring.  To find out more, click here.

This year IHP will be developing its disaster preparedness work, focusing on pre-positioning its Emergency Medical Kits (also called Doctors’ Travel Packs) closer to disaster prone areas of the world, thereby enabling the organisation to reach people in need even sooner after a disaster strikes, and saving lives.

Last year IHP made a strategic decision to move into long term health programmes. “This was in response to our donors and distributing partners asking for opportunities to go deeper and invest for longer in an area of health in which they have a specialism,” explains Harris.  Two health programmes were launched: the first in Tanzania supporting the country’s only child cancer unit with oncology products; and the second in Myanmar supporting a local NGO which is training and sending over 800 community health workers in a very mountainous jungle region of western Myanmar.

In 2017 IHP will be expanding these two programmes and adding additional programmes.

IHP will be co-hosting the PQMD conference in London in April, and looks forward to welcoming all members and guests. To find out more about International Health Partners go to or follow us @ihp_uk