HPI Canada Supports Maasai People in Kenya

Medical relief shipment supports Nturumeti Dispensary

Maasai people living in most remote areas of Kenya cannot access medical clinics to receive treatment. As a result, many mothers, babies and young children have died.

 The Nturumeti Dispensary is the only community health facility serving the Maasai and other people living in Narok, an area without a hospital. The dispensary serves eight villages. In late 2016, the dispensary received a large shipment of medical relief from PQMD member Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC). The shipment was part of HPIC’s Pamoja Project, a partnership with Anglican Development Services Kenya (ADSK). ADSK is a key partner in providing healthcare to vulnerable Kenyan communities.

 Dispensary staff report the medicines and supplies are effective in controlling infection and speeding recovery. They also believe more patients are coming to the clinic because of better access to medicines. Before the shipment, the dispensary had poor supplies and were limited on new purchases by a modest budget.

 HPIC work through the Pamoja project provides necessary medicines and supplies, but also works to train and mobilize leaders as communications channels to transmit key messages to communities and mothers.

 HPIC worked with partner Pfizer Canada to prepare the shipment. Pfizer Canada donated antibiotics to the shipment to Nturumeti Dispensary. Preparations are underway for another shipment scheduled for August.

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