Heart to Heart International’s Aid Efforts Welcomed in Cuba

In October 2015, Heart to Heart International (HHI) shipped a container loaded with six tons of medical supplies and children’s items to the William Soler Pediatric Hospital in Havana, Cuba. This facility is a leading care provider for children across the entire island. In addition, it is also a teaching hospital, providing training and education for medical personnel. As the hospital’s chief of operations Dr. Mercedes Milan Jo said, it is a very busy place.

The William Soler Pediatric Hospital in Havana. (source: Heart to Heart)

The William Soler Pediatric Hospital in Havana. (source: Heart to Heart)

In December, 2015, an HHI team arrived in December to ensure the safe delivery and condition of the medicine and other goods within the container – all of which was valued at nearly $350,000. The provisions were provided by several of HHI’s corporate sponsors including fellow PQMD members: BD, Midmark, AbbVie, Medtronic, Henry Schein and Johnson & Johnson.

The supplies were put to use effectively by the staff of Soler. Dr. Milan Jo reported that the facility is on pace for a record number of surgeries. Critical supplies, like surgical gloves, have drastically reduced the wait time between procedures for patients at this important healthcare hub.

While in Havana, the HHI team also learned more about the logistics of this shipment and of future shipments. This sort of donation is the first, but not the last of its kind. HHI is already in the planning stages for another two shipments, which will further expand and improve access to healthcare for the youth of Cuba. Learn more about HHI’s efforts here.