Healthcare System Strengthening in Madagascar

Healthcare System Strengthening in Madagascar

When most people think about Mercy Ships they believe that we provide direct medical services onboard our hospital ship. While that is true, we have enlarged our focus over recent years to utilize our hospital ship as a complete training platform to help build capacity within the healthcare system of each host nation.

© 2016 Mercy Ships, Photo Credit Ruben Plomp; Healthcare System Strengthening in Madagascar

Mercy Ships completed a dramatic surgical room makeover. (© 2016 Mercy Ships, Photo Credit Ruben Plomp)

For the past 18 months, the Africa Mercy hospital ship has been located in the port of Tamatave, Madagascar providing free surgical services and training to the Malagasy people. To enable our programs, Mercy Ships partners with the Ministry of Health and other government agencies and in-country NGO’s to deliver a large portfolio of training programs.

Healthcare System Strengthening in Madagascar

The new surgical room contains state-of-the-art equipment. (© 2016 Mercy Ships, Photo Credit Ruben Plomp)

As part of our program delivery method we deploy the PUMP (Partner Unit Mentoring Program) model. This is in partnership with a local hospital where we have provided training and mentoring courses for the local surgeons, anesthetists, bio med techs, OR nurses and ward nurses of a local unit. In coordination with this, we renovated four of the Malagasy hospital’s operating rooms. We equipped two of them with equipment provided by one of our UK based partners who will provide ongoing support and consumables to help maintain the equipment.

We have worked with other partners to renovate other areas of the hospital to help make a lasting impact and allow them to be able to provide a higher standard of surgical care to their patients.

The Africa Mercy will depart Madagascar in June for her next location in Benin, West Africa. Mercy Ships will send back Impact & Evaluation teams to Madagascar in 18-24 months to evaluate all of the programs we have delivered and to learn from the findings. We look forward to seeing many lives transformed through this Malagasy hospital.