Employee Volunteers for Co-Training “Refugee-Employees”

Employee Volunteers for Co-Training “Refugee-Employees”

An asylum seeker, once recognized as a refugee, is able to be employed. However, access to the employment market often depends on the refugee’s knowledge of professional, cultural and network codes, etc.

As a responsible company, Sanofi offers employee volunteers an opportunity to participate in mentoring refugees.

In France, for example, through a partnership with Kodiko, an association specializing in this approach, employees work in tandem: “1 refugee – 1 employee volunteer” are trained on the basis of proximate professional skills or interests.

The tandem is constituted for a six-month period and can be renewed once.

The refugee and employee meet once every two weeks at the employee’s place of work. The employee volunteer helps the refugee to better understand the organization of the labor market, recruitment rules and the codes and practices within the company…

In Denmark, Sanofi’s subsidiary has undertaken an identical initiative in partnership with the municipality of Hørsholm and the Red Cross.

Beyond the refugee’s interest, it provides an opportunity for the employee volunteer to engage in a meaningful action and contributes to social inclusion through listening, supporting and flourishing differently at work.

For Sanofi, it provides an opportunity to unite employees around strong commitments.