Death Toll at 44 After Powerful Earthquake in Japan

A magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck the island of Hokkaido in northern Japan early last Thursday. More than 44 were killed and 660 injured. Air and rail access was affected, and the island lost power. Automaker Toyota suspended work at its assembly plants in the area to assess inventory. 

Police officers and members of JSDF carry a missing person found from an area damaged by a landslide caused by an earthquake in Atsuma town. (Source: Reuters/

More than 2,500 remain in evacuation centers because of landslides and unstable ground. The government said more than 40,000 Self Defense-Force troops and other first responders were coordinating clean up efforts. Power was restored to nearly all of Hokkaido, but government officials are asking for power usage reductions to prevent blackouts.

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