As part of PQMD’s ongoing commitment to building knowledge in the field, we maintain access to a wealth of information resources related to the field of donating and delivering high quality medicines and medical products and services to assist communities suffering from the effects of disasters as well as chronic and devastating diseases.

In addition to PQMD’s Guidelines for Quality Medical Product Donations you can find articles, case studies, scholarly publications, study results, guidelines and advice from local, national, and international organizations, and much more on a variety of topics associated with the work of PQMD and its members.

The issues that can be explored using these resources range from the valuation of donated drugs and services to the delicate art of cross-sector partnerships to lessons learned in disaster response, and go well beyond.

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Disaster Preparedness and COVID-19

Disaster Preparedness and COVID-19 The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has predicted 3 to 6 major hurricanes this year due to warming oceans. This is in contrast to an average season of 3 storms. In addition, the National Interagency Fire Center is preparing for more fires

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COVID-19 Identified in Rohingya Refugee Camp

COVID-19 Identified in Rohingya Refugee Camp This week, a Rohingya refugee, along with a patient from the host population, have both tested positive for COVID-19. The two individuals were placed in isolation centers. The refugee camps, which are extremely densely populated, are concerning in terms of how

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Global Health & Development Essentials Course

A 7-Week Executive Survey Course for Medical Product Donation Professionals PQMD has condensed key elements of a Master’s in Public Health curriculum to create a comprehensive Executive Survey Course on global development essentials for professionals working with medical product donation programs or other means of international development assistance.

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Data Informs Africa’s COVID-19 Response

Data Informs Africa’s COVID-19 Response A new report: Responding to COVID-19 in Africa: Using Data to Find a Balance has provided important data to help government officials understand how to combat COVID-19 in Africa. The report’s development was led by the Partnership for Evidence-based Response to COVID-19,

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John Hopkins Center for Communication Programs Launches COVID-19 Communication Network (CCN)

John Hopkins Center for Communication Programs Launches COVID-19 Communication Network (CCN) The John Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP) has launched a new website with COVID-19 evidence-based tools and materials for practitioners working on social and behavioral change communications. The website includes materials such as reports, training

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