Cambodia Breast Cancer Initiative

Breast cancer related mortality remains devastatingly high in the developing world due to limited awareness of self-screening practices, low access to diagnostic technology and cost of oncology medicines. The Cambodia Breast Cancer Initiative is an ongoing partnership between AstraZeneca, AmeriCares and Sihanouk Center of Hope (SHCH) Hospital in Phnom Pen, Cambodia aimed at educating patients and providers while strengthening existing treatment services. Through the partnership AstraZeneca provides free medicine to postmenopausal breast cancer patients in the Center of HOPE’s treatment cohort and supports the education of Cambodian women about the importance of early detection and prompt care-seeking.

Since the beginning of the program 1,200 breast cancer education brochures have been distributed within the provinces for community education sessions, over 3,600 women have been educated about women’s cancer through the nurse education program and 410 women were evaluated and screened for breast cancer.  These evaluations included mammograms, ultrasounds and pathology tests which helped in the identification of the need for biopsies, mastectomies and treatment in some patients. This partnership is an example of AstraZeneca’s long-standing commitment to patients, but more importantly our commitment to advancing cancer care.  We envision a day when all cancer patients, caregivers and survivors have the opportunity to achieve the best possible outcomes and highest quality of life.

For more information about AstraZeneca’s commitment to advancing patient and community health, visit the Sustainability section of our website.