AmeriCares India Attends to Flood Victims in Chennai

In response to extensive flooding caused by heavy rains in the Southeastern Indian city of Chennai, AmeriCares India emergency response teams have been working to aid the many people affected, specifically in the state of Tamil Nadu. An estimated 200,000 have been displaced from their homes and about 450 have lost their lives in this catastrophe.

Currently, AmeriCares teams are engaged in providing primary care for families and individuals. Two medical sites have been established and have already assisted over 270 patients. An extended plan involves setting up 60 medical camps within two weeks across the districts most impacted by the flooding.

Dr. Swati Jha cares for a child injured during the flooding. Source: AmeriCares

Dr. Swati Jha cares for a child injured during the flooding. Source: AmeriCares

With the high probability of waterborne diseases spreading in the coming weeks, water purification tablets, water cans, and health and hygiene items to prevent the spread of infectious disease. Mothers with infants will be given special kits with multivitamins, folic acid tables, iron supplements and deworming medicines.

Other relief efforts also call for supplying temporary structure and aid for those whose homes were either damaged or destroyed. Equipment includes tarps for use as shelter, small mattresses and sheets for bedding, and kitchen sets with essentials such as cups, plates, and spoons.

The AmeriCares India team is coordinating relief efforts with the local government, Inter-Agency Group and several local partners. AmeriCares India has committed to reaching thousands of families with relief aid and supporting long-term recovery efforts, including rebuilding health care infrastructure. Learn more about the organization’s response here.