action medeor – over 50 years of expertise in providing medical aid

Around a third of people across the world do not have adequate access to healthcare. As the global emergency dispensary, action medeor has dedicated itself for more than 50 years now to its mission in an effort to improve the health and medical care of people in the poorest regions of the world. In emergency and disaster situations, action medeor ensures that the necessary medicines are available and urgent medical needs are met in the quickest way possible. Over the long term action medeor cooperates with local partners to help strengthen the relevant health structures.

Working together for global health

Medical aid

In 1964 action medeor made it its mission to provide all people with access to basic healthcare. Since then action medeor has been supporting more than 10,000 hospitals and health posts in 140 countries worldwide with essential and vital medicines.

The medicines action medeor supplies are either generics produced specifically for action medeor or have been donated by pharmaceutical companies.

Immediate aid in disasters

Humanitarian aid

The 4,000 m2 warehouse of action medeor keeps a large stock of emergency packs ready at all times to be shipped to the relevant countries within 24 hours in case of a disaster. These ‘Emergency

Health Kits’ contain basic medicines such as painkillers, antibiotics and water purification tablets, along with supplies needed for surgeries.

On the ground, action medeor coordinates the distribution with local partner organizations to ensure that the medicines are used where appropriate to provide urgent medical care for those in need. Once survival is ensured, the focus turns to rebuilding the destroyed health structures and to helping the local people better cope with future crises.

In disaster situations action medeor also is supported by pharmaceutical companies supplying in kind donations to be able to meet the large demand in the disaster area.

Effective improvement of health structures

Development cooperation

Health is a human right — and yet in many developing countries the people are a long way from enjoying this right. The reality of inadequate local structures is complicated by a lack of trained personnel and financial resources. Through the construction and equipment of health posts action medeor establishes local structures that take health where it is needed: to the people.

Furthermore, action medeor encourages and promotes the training of professionals and health workers. All projects are carried out in close collaboration with local partners and with the involvement of the community.

Knowledge transfer & training of local professionals

Pharmaceutical advisory services

In training health workers and pharmacists, action medeor helps to strengthen the healthcare system of communities. The aim is to pass on to the residents the knowledge required to supply pharmaceutical and medical aid on their own. This also includes supporting local production of medicines at satisfactory quality standards.

In the field of training and knowledge transfer action medeor closely cooperates with both German and local government agencies, local organizations and educational institutions as well as international pharmaceutical companies. In Tanzania, action medeor coordinated a public private partnership project funded by the German GIZ (German Corporation for International Cooperation) as well as the pharmaceutical companies Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer and Merck. The objective of the project was to improve the availability and quality of technical training for pharmaceutical staff according to the demand of the Tanzanian health care sector.