Dirk Angemeer

Dirk Angemeer
Head of Department Procurement, Export and ITC
action medeor

Dirk Angemeer has joined action medeor in 2003. He currently holds the position as Head of Department Procurement, Export and ITC. In his work Dirk focuses on providing people in need the access to high-quality medicines and medical equipment.
Dirk has field experience in several sub-Saharan African countries and Asia. Currently Dirk is a Board Member of action medeor Medical Aid Organization (Malawi). He holds 13 years of operational experience in the export of generic drugs and medical supplies to approximately 100 different countries worldwide. Additionally, he has 10 years of experience in strategic sourcing and planning pharmaceutical product donations. In 2014 Dirk was involved in the founding process of the European Medicine Donation Initiative (EURMED).
He is a graduate of the University of Duesseldorf (Germany) and holds a higher degree (“Diplom”) in Chemistry. Dirk’s previous positions include a position in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Krefeld (Germany).