6.4-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Puerto Rico

On January 7th, at 4:24am, a 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit Puerto Rico. One person died while at least eight people were injured in the city of Ponce, near the epicenter of the earthquake. The quake forced power plants to shut down causing power outages across the area. A majority of the damage has been reported in the municipality of Guayanilla where the mayor does not expect power to return for at least two weeks.

Cracks appeared on a damaged building in Yauco, Puerto Rico, following a 6.4 magnitude earthquake that hit Tuesday morning on Jan. 7, 2019 (Source: nbcnewyork.com)

Puerto Rico’s Governor Wanda Vasquez has declared a state of emergency. The Governor stated that 300,000 people were without running water and a couple hundred people were forced to stay in shelters.

Following the earthquake, there were a number of strong aftershocks. Seismologists are unsure when the aftershocks will stop or if they will be stronger in the coming days. A tsunami alert was declared for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands but was later cancelled.

Another 5.8 earthquake hit the town of Guanica on January 6th, destroying five houses and damaging dozens of others. The quake also caused landslides and power outages. Quakes in the area started on December 28th along three faults in the southwest region: Lajas Valley, Montalva Point, and the Guayanilla Canyon.

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